Complete the application (5-10 minutes)
and submit your Request for Quote (RFQ).


Multiple Providers review your RFQ and create quotes that are immediately e-mailed to you for review.


Simply analyze, select and award the quote to the Provider that’s right for you. It’s just that easy!

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Why Cost Segregation Exchange?

Powerful, Easy-To-Use Exchange Application

Our powerful exchange application enables you to effortlessly create a single Request for Quote (RFQ). Once the RFQ is complete, it’s immediately submitted to our Providers for review and analysis. One Cost Segregation application – multiple quotes.
It’s just that easy.

Your Identity Is Protected With Anonymous Quotes

Innovative exchange technology shields your private contact information (e.g., e-mail, name, address, etc.) from Providers. Only the Provider you award a quote receives your contact information. Rejected Providers NEVER learn your identity.

Selecting The Best
Quote Is Easy

Our exchange application e-mails quotes directly to you. Links in these messages allow you to review Provider messages, gain access to Provider reviews and ratings, as well as actually award a quote to a Provider. Selecting the best Provider for your Cost Segregation studies has NEVER be easier.

Only The Top
Providers Participate

Only the industry’s top Cost Segregation Providers participate on Cost Segregation Exchange. We work tirelessly with these companies to generate the most accurate and timely Cost Segregation quotes for you. Get your FREE Cost Segregation quotes from a top Provider today.